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[배포] OCHIE ROM V1.2 FOR KT SKT SHV-E210K SHV-E210S Update 22/03/13
작성자 : 레벨 1 사냥꾼 Demond
작성일 : 2013.02.11 13:00
조회수 : 24419
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Good days friends,
at first i cant speak korean so i use english.
i'm sorry if my thread in wrong section please kindly move it or inform it where it has to been.

i just want to share My Custom ROM fro SHV - E210K and SHV - E210S

Update versison 2.1 - 25 April 2013
- change notification panel background to any image
- change status bar background to any image
- change battery icon on the fly
- fix phone recording and settings
- Change string to OCHIE ROM CONFIG
- roll back function for long press back button to open multi window
- add new force close function with long press menu button
- show separate 3g and h+ icon
- fix home button lag without double click
- set status bar icons to any color 
- Set dragbar to any color
- Set drop down buttons and settings button to any color
- Any color battery
- Any color wifi/data/signal icons
- Any color toggles (23 toggle mod only for now)
- Carrier text on/off
- Any color carrier text
- Carrier center/right
- Custom carrier text
- Show/Hide alarm icon
- Show/Hide next alarm on drag bar
- Any color next alarm
- Usb connection ,Full battery notification, Low battery warnings on/off
- Show/Hide brightness slider
- Choose many different battery types/colors
- Added lock button to status bar (on/off in settings)
- Added lock button to panel button options

Update 22 March 2013
- Based E210KJMB3
- Stock Kernel with Init.d Supported
- Custom AOSP sound and settings theme
- Long press back button to kill app
- tweaked phone for battery life, performance
- pie desktop extended like paranoid android
- automate phone recording by mythtrandyr 
- new customizable date time
- choose any color for clock date time
- choose any color and transparency for status bar
- choose any color and transparency for notification panel
- include bravia engine 2
- include xloud, xclear, working sound enhancement sony and sony walkman
- include sony experia launcher
- can choose between 23 button and stock toggle
- toogle on off wallpaper scrolling
- toggle on off notification text
- update OCHIE ROM over the air for themes, app or anything
- Add weather on AOSP Lockscreen
- Enable CRT off effect with stock kernel
- many camera mod like volume button to shot and disable notification low batery when using camera
- next, i forgot if i remember i write it down again 

Date 08/02/2013
This ROM is Based from LL6
and have this feature :
- Deodexed
- Zipaligned
- Busybox
- Rooted
- Multi window for all apps
- 3 way reboot
- support for custom boot animation 
- have a lastest Berrzerbb Kernel 24 Jan 13
- Instaled more Font
- include some app like Download All Files, Youtube themed by Rolle or Rolletube
- 23 toogle buttons
- support init.d
- ink effect lockscreen with unlimited Colour Choose color at Ink Color Changer app
- custom 5 shortcut at lockscreen
- AOSP lock screen with 4 shortcut (phone,sms,camera,google)
- volume button to skip track at off screen, i think it can run with some music player
- CRT off effect
- leche style multi window
- Mid clock at status bar
- battery percentage at right edge
- Home Screen Wallpaper Scrolling
- Disabling Ascending ringtone
- Enabling Call Recording
- sms message character limit to 160
- 200 contact recipients and MMS auto converting is increased to 200 SMS, displaying sent Time instead of the received time
- Add exit menu in internet browser
- Fixing home button lag
- Permanent disabling of SMS, MMS & Email log history to be logged in call logs
- Remove time, Center the clock in statusbar, move the clock to stock location
- remove clock from statusbar
- remove am/pm, change am/pm to small size, change am/pm to large size
- add/remove abbreviated day of week to status bar small/large size
- tweaks from prestige
- Almost forget :(
- you can also Overclock, underclock, undervolt, change governor, scheduler etc at eXtweaks thanks for Awesome Berrzerbb kernel its based on siyah kernel :)
*and trying to add more mod maybe theme too
any suggestion of mod or theme greatly appreciate it.

How to install :
1. Copy zip file to your sdcard/memory card
2. please do clean install (factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache and then flash it)
3. flash it with your custom recovery (TWRP or CWM)
4. after first boot wait about 5-10 minutes if pop up for samsung account to update appear press no.
5. if your status bar still black reboot it again

Im sorry for your inconvenience because i build it myself and from beginning maybe its lot of bug you found please report it in here with polite language.

1. symbol Celcius and fahrenheit at weather on lockscreen dissapear
2. symbol celcius at lockscreen always visible (i'll try to figure it out
3. AOSP Lockscreen crash when you enable accessibility service option
4. AOSP lockscreen MMS and phone not working and shortcut for google is dissapear
5. Enable torch at lockscreen not working
6. toggle for touchwiz rotation not working

I'll try to fix it via update me in setting option and check to update ROM.

* for everyone annoying with notification "SWIPE OVER SHORTCUT TO OPEN APP" use root explorer or ES File Explorer Go to /system/app delete or move HelpHub.apk untick show help text at lockscreen options and reboot
* issue = for korea language dont tick ampm setting, for english is no proble.
For mod and information you can see this thread 

Update MOD :
11 02 2013
# Unlimited Color for ink Effect at lock screen by Mythrandir
# Long Press Menu Button for force close foreground application + add shortcuts for taskmanager because the task manager wont show up if you hold menu button

12 02 2013
# updated theme transparent full Contact, Phone, restart option, status bar, notification panel etc
# Enable Landscape mode, Homescreen wallpaper scrolling, 9 page home screen
# Full Sense Task Manager from thread Sense Tamerlan2009

*there is some updated mod and theme in my original thread @xda.
widokeren's OCHIE ROM album on Photobucket

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    추천 기종 제목 글쓴이 조회 날짜
    11 [노트4] 노트4 시스탬 앱 자동삭제 스크립트 2+3 punlog 404 09:27
    12 노트3 (SKT.KT.U+)Note3 s5 ROM and Note4 Style ROM&Lean Kenel 1+1 레벨 1 Astak 1269 12.20
    16 노트3 [SM-N900](SKT.KT)4.4.4 Note4 ROM TMT_N3 2.0 9+11 레벨 1 Astak 1932 12.20
    3 miui v5 base cm11 for galaxy s4 ltea 3+2 매보바좆 345 12.18
    6 갤포아 miui update 2 매보바좆 299 12.18
    5 갤포아baidu os update 1+1 매보바좆 421 12.16
    1 갤럭시 노트 10.1 2014 에디션 외장 SD Card 사용법 2 SMLee 281 12.16
    3 갤투 baidu os 5+3 매보바좆 509 12.15
    4 arter97님의 갤럭시s4 AOSP ROLLIPOP버전 3+6 고수가되 1129 12.13
    5 arter97님의 갤럭시s4 AOSP ROLLIPOP버전 고수가되 537 12.13
    23 [갤럭시S2] 옴니롬 cm12 안드로이드 5.0.1 롤리팝 12+6 크랙ㄸ 1839 12.11
    7 노트2 [SKT,KT] N915 노트 엣지 CWM Based Recovery (루팅툴 2+2 달로스 589 12.10
    13 노트2 [통신불가 N7105] CyanogenMod 12.0, malir3p2, Build1 1+1 레벨 14 Horizon 809 12.05
    11 miui update 1+4 매보바좆 893 12.03
    11 Blekota note4 Lite ROM v2 for galaxy s3 1+1 프린스신 1379 11.30
    13 갤포아e330 rom 5+12 매보바좆 1367 11.30
    10 baidu os update 2+17 매보바좆 893 11.27
    23 [S5 LTE] CyanogenMod 12 for Korean Galaxy S5 LTE (Android 5. 15+4 arter97 2426 11.26
    4 pac man rom for for galaxy s4 ltea 5+4 매보바좆 1176 11.24
    4 miui for e330 upate 1+7 매보바좆 1052 11.23
    3 miui for e330 5+2 매보바좆 1199 11.20
    4 갤S4 Philz touch 6.48.4 for SHV-E110S(갤럭시S2 LTE) 1 bestmjh4 1136 11.19
    갤S4 TWRP for SHV-E110S(갤럭시S2 LTE) bestmjh4 893 11.19
    2 [Galaxy S3] Nameless Lolipop 4 tkdqjai 2729 11.16
    2 갤포아baiduos 7+14 매보바좆 1682 11.13
    17 노트2 Note4용 (Unofficial)philzrecovery 6.58.9 12+1 vega201 2184 11.11
    13 2 아이폰5s 기준 하양화면에 검은 사과 6+13 leon0207 2382 11.10
    5 3 아이폰 부팅애니 4+2 leon0207 1787 11.10
    35 갤S2 [갤럭시S2] [PORT] CyanogenMod 11S for GT-I9100 (Ported by S 15+6 Mr.Alien 2578 11.09
    132 [SK, KT, LG] Galaxy S5 firmware for Galaxy S4 LTE-A V3 75+25 arter97 6867 11.03
    현재 접속회원 : 1213
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